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Not sure which is for you - click here to compare. Save time and money by keeping your every-day items safe. Use separation alert to ensure they are not left behind and last known location if they are. Protect your valuables and loved ones by keeping track of their real-time location via your app.

Set a safety region on your map to enable risk alerts. Attach your NutTag to everyday items and use the app to locate them in seconds by sound or map. Separation alert will notify you if ever you leave your items or phone behind. Perfect for children, pets, vehicles - anything. Separation alert notifies you before you leave any items behind.

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Your app will also show you the last known location on the map. Nutale makes real-time GPS tracking easy and accessible - through one app you can add security geo-fence and view historical footprints. Protecting our children is the number one priority as parents, especially if they have special needs.

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We want to shield them from danger but also let them develop their own risk management skills. Fall detection, emergency SOS, two-way voice communication, geofence alerts, Live tracking from anywhere on connected to an easy to use mobile app. What do you need to track? Separation alert will notified when your child is more than 50m from you. Buy SEEK. Are you a Hospital or Aged Care provider? Locate your pet when it is hiding within the house.

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Be notified when your pet may have left the premises or is more than your 40m from you. Learn more. Be alerted if your bike is on the move when you are nearby 40m. Always know where you left the bike via the last known location, on a map in the app. Should your bike have moved from its last location, put our 1. Always know where you left the vehicle via the last known location, on a map in the app — great for car busy parks!

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Be alerted if your vehicle is on the move when you are nearby 50m. Never again lose your phone, wallet, keys - anything! Street, hybrid, and satellite map styles from Apple Maps are available, which require an active data connection. Trails displays detailed statistics including altitude, speed, distance, duration, and heart rate using zoomable and scrollable graphs.

You can view recordings on a time- or distance-based scale and compare two statistics at a time to get an in-depth view of your track. Heat maps display statistics as colored map overlays, with detailed information for each point along your track.

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See real-time statistics with Trails on your Apple Watch while recording a track. You can easily select the displayed statistics on your iPhone. The Trails Watch app also lets you start and stop recordings, mark waypoints, and record your heart rate.

Bluetooth key tracker

All GPS-equipped Apple Watch models support standalone recordings so you can leave your phone at home while recording. The watch-recorded tracks will sync to your phone once both devices are connected again.

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Exporting your own tracks is just as simple. All import features are included with Trails Pro. With Trails Pro you can use any imported or recorded track as a guiding route during your next recording.

Took a shortcut or need to deviate from the route? No problem, simply mark checkpoints as passed and continue on your way.

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You can also use a list of waypoints for routing. Trails is a tool for amateurs and aspiring professionals alike, with a rich set of features geared towards outdoor activities, including:. Trails Pro is available as a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription via in-app purchase. The subscription is non-recurring: it will end automatically after 3, 6, or 12 months respectively.

No automatic re-billing, no hidden fees.