Mobile phone operated surveillance robot

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DOI : Abstract Objectives: The present work focuses on tele operated mobile robot with wireless control through the customized web user interface to ensure the knowledge about the environment by live video surveillance. Streaming of surveillance is received and viewed on a remote desktop or even a mobile phone.

Mobile Controlled Robot

Robot wheel motor is interfaced with the server using Raspberry Pi. Data is collected from the sensor and the onboard camera and stored in the database for analysis. Findings: The main feature of this robot is its all-terrain capabilities with rugged construction give the vehicle a high payload torque and multi terrain capabilities. Live streaming from all-terrain vehicle gives the user a visual interface which gives more knowledge about the environment so that the user can make decisions.

Moreover, the user can control the vehicle and its direction from a web-browser interface. The user experience is mainly focused in this paper and if the user makes an error which is harmful for the vehicle an override algorithm is used to overcome the user input. Am a EEE student. Robotic is the good and fantastic project to do the mini project in the colleges.

I have selected the small and simple walking robot. But i want some ranges of microchip and DC motor.

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I have searched different ways and different websites about the ranges of components ofsmall walking robot. But its okay if your module doesn't have one as in this project you dont require them, just leave those pins slots empty on Arduino and connect rest of them.

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Now show your support by speedly liking and subscribing my youtube channel!! My dtmf has an ic, 5capacitors , 4resistors ,led and crystal oscillator. I want to do this project but I don't have any idea about arduino. Moreover my friend told me that I will face problem using DTMF decoder module regarding its specification like how much input should we give and all.

So can you please describe your project in detail. This detects the natural infrared signature produced by humans. Qualtek's heat-shrinkable products include thin, medium, and heavy wall; adhesive lined, medium- and high-voltage insulation; molded parts and end caps; wide ranges of shrink-tubing kits; heat-shrinkable cable; and wire-identification tubing. All rights reserved.

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Surveillance Robotics: Using mobile phones to control robots for household security | Robot News

I made this project in order to build a surveillance car which can be controlled over Internet or any private network. My objective was to do something easily and cost effectively that could be used for security purposes. This gave my camera one degree of freedom, i. I could move it left and right without moving the bot.

I demonstrated this concept in the video and for the inner working which you can check in the source code. It can be used for surveillance purposes in dangerous areas where there is any kind of threat to human life.

Arduino Uno. Laptop can be desktop or any android device supporting multi windows. Exclusive Digi-key Tools Embedded computers.

Integrated Circuits. Circuit Protection. As can be seen D1-D4 are connected to pinpin9 respectively, here D1 represents least significant bit and D4 represents most significant bit. Tones were generated via mobile phone and were fed as input to DTMF decoder module using 3. For motor driver I used LD module. With this information you can easily use my source code directly by changing your connection respectively. I set both of them HIGH in order to attain maximum speed. Phone was mounted on servo motor. First of all I connected my laptop and my mobile phone to the same network.

Project Specifications:

This application was running on my mobile phone. Now in order to share the display and gain control over my mobile phone from my laptop I created a VNC server by running VNC server application on my phone in background and using VNC client on my laptop. Now I was able to view my mobile phone's screen and simulated touches from my laptop.

To get the live feed from my phone's camera I used AirDroid application, which was running in background alongside VNC server and using a browser preferably Chrome on my laptop I was able to use the camera of my phone. Source code is well documented therefore all the required explanation is given as comments.